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Klabin dá início às obras do Projeto Puma II e entrega novo traçado da PR-160 ao governo do Paraná

Paraná, July 12, 2019 – Klabin, Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of packaging paper, made important announcements last week in the state of Paraná. On July 3, the company started construction on the first phase of the Puma II Project, with placement of the first pile of the building for Paper Machine 27 (MP 27) and the start of earthmoving works on the site of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant. On the previous day, company representatives met with the governor of Paraná, Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior, to deliver the executive project for the new stretch of the highway connecting Imbaú to Reserva, in the state’s central region.

“Placing the first pile of the Puma II Project on schedule marks the beginning of this massive challenge of making the largest investment ever in Klabin’s history,” said Francisco Razzolini, Chief Industrial Technology, Innovation, Sustainability & Pulp Business Officer. “And starting work on the wastewater treatment plant also symbolizes our commitment to adopting the most advanced technologies for sustainability.”

With startup slated for 2021, MP 27 will have annual production capacity of 450,000 tons of Eukaliner, a kraftliner paper made 100% from eucalyptus fiber that Klabin exports and also converts into its own corrugated board packaging. With the new Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Puma Unit will have three dedicated lines with tertiary-level treatment of the wastewater generated by the complex.

For the Highway PR-160 project, the R$560,000 investment in the new stretch and the entire structure required will make it possible for the company to launch a bid process by year-end, following the environmental assessments and other measures required. Once concluded, the highway will remove the flow of trucks from the two cities.To Klabin’s Forestry Director, José Totti, the new project builds on the partnership between the company and the state government. “We partner on various infrastructure projects for the region. In 2016, we made the largest private investment in the history of Paraná state, and now we have made an even larger investment that will support important growth in vehicle traffic. Projects like this are essential for ensuring adequate traffic flows,” he said.

In 2018 alone, 408 km of highways were restored by Klabin or in partnership with local governments and 37 bridges were built, benefiting 38 municipalities in the state of Paraná.

About the Puma Project 


With investment of R$9.1 billion, the Puma II Project will be divided into two phases. The first phase consists of the construction of a fiber line to produce unbleached pulp integrated with a kraftliner and white kraftliner paper machine, whose paper will be marketed under the Eukaliner brand, with annual capacity of 450,000 tons. Meanwhile, the second phase consists of the construction of a complementary fiber line integrated with a kraftliner paper machine, with annual capacity of 470,000 tons, and expansion of some support structures.

About Klabin

Klabin is Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of packaging paper, the leader in the corrugated board and industrial bag packaging segments, and the only company in the country offering one-stop shop solutions in hardwood, softwood and fluff pulp. Founded in 1899, Klabin has 17 industrial units in Brazil and one in Argentina. In Paraná alone, Klabin has generated over 10,000 direct and indirect jobs in more than 25 cities close to its operations, especially in the Campos Gerais region.

Klabin pioneered the adoption of mosaic-based forest stewardship, which consists of planted forests interspersed with preserved native forests, forming ecological corridors that help to maintain the biodiversity.  Klabin’s forest area in Paraná totals 342,000 hectares, 142,000 of which are native forests. Klabin also maintains an Ecological Park in the Monte Alegre Farm in Telêmaco Borba for research and conservation purposes, which provides shelter and rehabilitates wild animals that are the victims of accidents or abuse, thus supporting the efforts of environmental authorities. It also helps to preserve the region’s flora and fauna, including endangered species.

Klabin’s management is entirely guided by Sustainable Development. Klabin has implemented most of its social and environmental programs in the Campos Gerais region, notably Social Forests – Planning Sustainable Properties, Legal Forests, Solid Waste Project, Growing Up Reading, Caiubi Program, Força Verde Mirim and Environmental Protectors.

Klabin also supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and the Brazilian Pact to Eradicate Slave Labor, and seeks suppliers and business partners that share its values of ethics, transparency and respect for sustainability principles.


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